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featured abstract vj loops , abstract vj loops , free vj clips come from VLOOPY is a machine creates VJ Loops with In conclusion of creating a full CGI animated series .

(Psycho Robots) that would be published on already existing fan base.

our audio visual machine creates dope vj loops for live music events

in addition to download free vj clips , visitors can create an account for full

access through web site

Similarly to any profissional web site you can listen to VLOOPY original sound content .

in other words we bring visual clips with outstanding music for each video so every subscriber can use our featured abstract vj loops  .

for instance Vloopy album consists original music that can help visitors who

search for dope vj loops to merge video and sound together .

our steel collar is only 1 character and only one website in the Psycho Robots

world that consists of different characters each with its own style of VJ clips – Music and website.

re-visualise is a section that gather dope vj loops that vloopy made

and make it as a new re – visualize edit in artistic way .

This series project is huge and would take many years, as the company grows

its infrastructure regarding VFX Team, technical knowledge and hardware