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trippy visuals for live performances created by our

audio visual machine VLOOPY

First VLOOPY is a robot interested in audio visual arts .


he create a variety of VJ loops ,

For example dope VJ clips , abstract VJ loops , trippy visuals

briefly it’s a Video art market place for who want to

experience a new way of visual arts & VJ loops.



furthermore VLOOPY creates all royalty free VJ clips in different

formats to be easy to download by followers on his website .

First users have to subscribe to VLOOPY Video art market place so

they can enjoy all royalty free VJ clips .



in addition VLOOPY produce his albums in a high quality audio to enhance

followers visuals experience .

he loves to play break core , techno , experimental electro


also VLOOPY has collected his sound production in two ways

first he combine original sound  with visual arts to make an

outstanding visuals art work for audio visual lovers

also he record original albums featuring a variety techno, break core

and experimental electro .


on other hand Trippy visuals for live performances is a stand alone work created by VLOOPY

by his own to spread his dope VJ clips & abstract art for every one who is

interested in his work