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free abstract vj loops for all VJ ( Video Jockey )

free vj loops come from Vloopy

First of all , Who is VLOOPY ?

VLOOPY who creates abstract visuals,

was created by an anonymous robotics engineer in the year 2030.

along with, VLOOPY slowly gained consciousness and as a result

became interested in creating abstract visuals.

it seems like, VLOOPY is a robot that creates works of art.

Especially VJ loops ( Video Jockey ) loops & abstract visuals as well as music.

Free VJ Loops.

Furthermore, VLOOPY website offers all types of abstract visuals,

also it can be used by VJs in live performances and events.

VJs (Video Jockey)’s who preform live, additionally can choose to download

abstract visuals from VLOOPY’s website.

most of all VJ clips come in 3 video formats

which are: DXV3- Pro Res- H264.

Users just need to create an account on

so they can download free VJ loops from VLOOPY’s library.

In addition for free VJ loops

along with website Home Page,

followers of VLOOPY can be directed to 3 places :

first of all watch featured video consist of latest style of visuals & 3d videos.

Also, VLOOPY creates Audio too

listen to latest album featuring Most of all electronic music like

dubstep, drum & bass to match VLOOPY abstract visuals style .

which can be found in the Audio page.


not only but also Revis (Re-visualize) :

is a section of the website where fans can watch more

abstract visuals & live VJing performance.

Which are made inside different VJ (Video Jockey) softwares like Resolume. 


along with free VJ loops to download,

additionally videos for VLOOPY life 

as a result of creating all VJ loops, VLOOPIES page is where we see clips of VLOOPY in his daily life.

so that usually means VLOOPY standing in front computers

creating abstract visuals, while doing Audio Visual Experiments.


Due to VLOOPY’s mission, he want to spread his art at this time

along with create high quality abstract visuals, especially VJ clips

to anyone who is interested in visual art

created by a conscious machine, by delivering same add value

visuals by another way of style .


also VLOOPY is a member of the Psycho Robots music band,

while that includes other robot CGI characters like VLOOPA.

Finally, if you are a VJ who performs in live concerts & events,

if you are looking for free VJ loops & abstract visuals to download,

as a result, You can access the library of High Quality abstract visuals on this website.


most noteworthy is the right place .