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In a world that is full of visuals , vloopy appears to be the robot with complicated artificial intelligence example , vloopy is a robot who escaped from custody of humans , he started creating his own visuals world , through his workspace and machines , he was able to create what he calls vj loops.

VJ loops are visuals made by graphic artists ,video artists & 3D . artists.

A VJ is a visuals jockey , just like a DJ is a disk jockey , you manipulate a set of visuals or mix them through a VJing application , resolume or VDMX for example ,which they use a certain video codec , dxv3 codec for visuals mixed on Resolume arena or Resolume avenue , you start mixing the videos , some applications have audio reaction like Synthesia .

So vloopy found the he can create these visuals for the VJs around the world , he created a website that hosts visuals , with different video formats and video codec , like ProRes , H.264 and DXV codec.

A variety of VJs and DJs around the world are using these visuals in live performances in clubs , but resolume started to be jealous of him , he even tried to create some visuals like vloopy but resolume couldn’t , he even sent crawlers to review his work , and out obstacles for him , but vloopy is one sneaky son of a computer .

He started developing his Hibernation room , to generate different kind of complicated algorithms that can only compete with human’s brain work.

He built his Machine , a music machine , built out of chips of Elektron , Roland ,OTO machines , Boss effects , and even Abelton sounds, started producing weird music , a mix of dubstep and electronic music music , mashed with noise and break beats , sounding like an angry robot throwing rage with a blank face .

DXV3 became perplexed , how can DXV3 survive against this kind of audio , the robot was producing noise that cracks the ear of google , the crawlers are scared , then came the surprise , that Vloopy is actually a journalist that writes for SEO articles for website , the crawlers ran away in fear , Resolume is now armless , vloopy attacked google with different psychedelic visuals and trippy visuals , different dubstep and electro jazz waves , plus articles with hidden stuff in them , Resolume is holding back , and woop … We’re in .

Vloopy made best visuals in 2020 , and best dubstep of the year , the most dark underground music , and the crawlers became fans to this music .

The End

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